Neil Newstead


Leader and Entrepreneur


Client Service
Neil Newstead, of Bexhill, United Kingdom, is the co-founder and CEO of Oakfield Estate Agents, a company with service offerings concentrated on sales, lettings, and block management. Newstead started Oakfield over 20 years ago and has led the company with a hands-on approach that has allowed the business to grow from its humble beginnings to a company that now employs many dedicated and experienced staff across its four locations. Newstead has created opportunity and found success throughout his professional career by dedicating his efforts to the key principle of service. Aside from his achievements with his own business, Neil Newstead has also focused on his service to others in his personal missions, as well. This includes his time spent in the army, volunteering with the St. John Ambulance and more.

After leaving the army in 1995, Neil Newstead found himself working for a local property company. This role not only provided the knowledge Newstead needed to create Oakfield Estate Agents, but would also enable him to create foundations that allowed the business to evolve over time. Beyond his dedication to service, Newstead’s interest in pursuing a life of entrepreneurship stems from a need to solve problems and the chance to work in his own target driven environment. Through Oakfield, his work also allowed Newstead the opportunities to collaborate with a broad spectrum of people, in settings that didn’t keep him tied down to an office desk.

Currently, Neil Newstead’s company – Oakfield Estate Agents – has three branches, located in East Sussex in Hastings, Eastbourne and Bexhill, and a Head Office that can be found in St. Leonards, respectively. Even as CEO, Newstead spends the majority of his time visiting each of the local branches and working closely with his staff on a regular basis. This staff has grown from a company of one person, to what is now almost forty employees across each of Oakfield’s three branches.

Oakfield Estate Agents is a business that has taken on the values of its founder, as Neil Newstead himself would consider customer service to be its top priority. Newstead personally ensures that his team consists of experts in their fields, as he draws from his own multiple decades of experience to help them develop their own knowledge base. These efforts have led the Oakfield team to becoming certified by the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) which incorporates qualifications for both Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and by the Institute of Residential Property Managers (IPRM) – both selling points for the business and a key consideration of Oakfield’s clients. In addition, Oakfield is governed by the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) and SafeAgent. A significant portion of Newstead’s current employees have worked for Oakfield for many years, succeeding and progressing in their own roles – something the current CEO takes great pride in. Part of what keeps Newstead’s employees dedicated to Oakfield for so long is his philosophy on maintaining a good work-life balance, ensuring that his dedication to the service to his employees carries through to their own families at home, as well.

Outside of work, Neil Newstead’s personal life is fulfilled by his loving wife and two children, a seven-year-old daughter Madison and son Austin, who’s four. While his family is still young, the Newsteads often dedicate their weekends to activities their kids enjoy, including bowling, trips to the zoo, and swimming. Family trips take the Newsteads throughout the UK and Europe, as well as extended holidays abroad to America.